Bachelor (B.Sc.) Information Systems

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Study Information Systems at one of the most innovative universities in Germany

Helping to shape the digitalization of tomorrow: Our highly interdisciplinary Bachelor in Information Systems combines dimensions of strategic management with information technology implementation. The contents from the fields of business administration and information systems are taught at the School of Business and Economics in Nuremberg, whereas the knowledge in the field of informatics is taught at the Faculty of Engineering in Erlangen. Through this broadly diversified education, students of Information Systems take on a bridging function in their later career, in which they bring strategy and implementation together.

At a glance

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Standard period of study: 6 semesters (= 3 years)
  • Start: Winter semester
  • Languages: German
  • Admission: Admission free
  • Location: Nuremberg (WiSo) and Erlangen (TechFak)

Study contents

Information Systems is an application-oriented program with its own methods and instruments. In addition to fundamentals of business administration, computer science and statistics, Information Systems focuses on subjects from the areas of Data and Knowledge, Digital Business and Processes, and Architectures and Development. Bachelors degree program in Information Systems thus provides important skills in information technologies in order to network people, tasks, and technology within organizations and in society.

Data and Knowledge

The thematic block Data & Knowledge covers important methods and instruments, for example, processes and information modelling in the company, data management, or the design and management of innovations.

In this module area you can choose from the following courses:

  • Data Science: Machine Learning and Data-driven Business
  • Data Science: Data Management and Analysis
  • Enterprise Content and Collaboration Management
  • Big Data: Technologies, Methods, and Concepts
  • Business Analytics: Technologies, Methods, and Concepts
  • Machine Learning for Business: Advanced Concepts

Digital Business and Processes

In the focus of Digital Business and Processes are courses that deal with questions concerning the economic use of information and application systems.

Exemplary courses in this area are:

  • Business Process Management
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Implementing Innovation
  • Digital Transformation in Energy and Mobility Sectors
  • E-Commerce

Architectures and Development

In the Architectures and Development block, students learn how information and application systems can be used in companies and for which purposes.

For example, students can choose from the following courses:

  • Managing Projects Successfully
  • Web-Programming
  • Innovation Technology
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • IT Management

That is what our students say

  • To study Information Systems, especially here at one of the largest Information Systems locations in Germany, is something very special. In the exchange with many practitioners, you not only get to know the contents of a field, but also the connection between business and information technology.
    I have always imagined that studying at such a large university as FAU would be very anonymous. But it was here at the Institute of Information Systems that I was convinced of the opposite. I especially appreciate the family atmosphere between fellow students, professors and staff. We have actually grown together into a small community.Laura Schauer, Bachelor student in Information Systems, 4th semester

  • In my opinion, Friedrich-Alexander-University combines the best of two worlds: computer science and business studies. The Institute of Information Systems with its growing number of chairs creates a previously unknown research and study discipline, Information Systems. For me, the Information Systems program at FAU describes an excellent degree program with the best prospects for the future. Especially when it comes to career entry, Master studies or even research, doors are wide open for Bachelor students.Nico Hambauer, Bachelor student in Information Systems, 4th semester

  • During my Information Systems studies at FAU I got to know two different worlds. In the world of computer science everything revolves around a computer, students are technophile and relaxed. The world of business people looks different. Here you learn everything from production, logistics, procurement to sales. Students are self-confident and pay great attention to their image. As an information systems specialist, I have learned to combine both worlds.Corinna Zarnescu, Bachelor student in Information Systems, 6th semester

Career profile

Areas of activity

The combination of science and practice will provide you with a solid professional qualification to enable you to take up management positions in the future workplace in business and administration as well as in research and development. Fields of activity for business information systems specialists can be found in almost all industries and operational areas of responsibility, e.g. in strategic planning of products, services and processes, in operational business processing in specialist departments or in the IT sector as software engineer, IT controller, IT consultant, or project manager.

Career opportunities

The Information Systems program was introduced in order to meet the demand of businesses for employees who have both in-depth technical and business management knowledge. Experience has shown that this dual qualification makes the start of a career much easier.

Information Systems specialists are in demand at renowned companies such as SAP, BMW Group, Daimler, VW, Siemens, Infineon, AMD, or Bosch, as well as management consultancies such as KPMG or Accenture.

Entry-level salaries

These demanding activities are highly remunerated to business information scientists in industry: especially in recent years, their starting salaries have risen sharply.

Career starters can expect to earn between €40,000 and €50,000 in the IT sector. Professional experience has a strong impact on the salary range: With 3-5 years of professional experience, an average of between €48,000 and €68,000 is achieved (Source:

Career start

Often a start to a career is facilitated by internships or working student activities during studies. Whether internships, working student activities or career entry – our Career Service of WiSo Nürnberg will also be pleased to help you find a job.

In the offered seminars you can further improve your market value.

That is what our alumni say

  • In contrast to many other study programs, Bachelor of Information Systems at FAU provides the perfect mix of theory and practice in (business) informatics. The proximity to pure computer science in particular opens doors for graduates into the currently most exciting professional fields such as data science, software engineering, software architecture and IT consulting – both in large corporations and in technology start-ups. As a Chief Technology Officer at, I benefit daily from my practical and theoretical knowledge gained at FAU.Fabian Roth, CTO & Co-Founder of

  • The subject areas of business and computer science are ideally combined in this course of studies. After learning the basics of both disciplines, first theoretical concepts and then practical applications of the combination of both worlds are covered. For this purpose, the Nuremberg/Erlangen region with its large number of large companies (e.g. adidas, Siemens, Schaeffler) offers great practical partners who attach great importance to cooperation with the university. And after a close cooperation with these companies in university projects, nothing stands in the way of an internship or later job.Michael Heinitz, Platform Developer at adidas

Application and Enrollment

Since the program is currently not subject to any admission restrictions, you can register for the Information Systems program directly online via the FAU application portal, usually from July onwards:

To the application portal

Normally, you then register personally at Studienverwaltung in Erlangen and transfer the first semester fee. For studies starting in winter semester 2020/21, please note the information on the registration website, which has been adapted to the Corona situation. There you will also find all further information on the subject of enrollment.

Please note that you need a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) for your studies. The Admissions Office will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

What happens after the Bachelor degree?

Do you want to specialize further after your Bachelor degree? For this purpose we offer you our international Master in International Information Systems.

Of course you can also choose from our numerous other Master programs at the department.

Frequently asked questions

What are the exact contents of the study program?

Please find the exact contents of the study program in the study plan and the module handbook, which are linked on this page.

What are the prerequisites for studying Information Systems?

The only formal requirement is the existence of a university entrance qualification. However, the prerequisites for a successful study of Business Informatics also include a strong interest in Computer Science, Data Sciene, and business management topics.

How do I find out about my admission?

The program is admission free. After successful registration or application in and payment of the semester fee, you can enroll with all necessary documents during the scheduled deadlines.

Can I get a transfer of credits when I change my course of study or university?

You can find information on the conditions for a change of subject and university here.

How can I prepare for the contents of the course?

There is no obligation to prepare for the course of study. However, depending on previous knowledge in computer science, business administration, and mathematics, it is possible to take preliminary courses in the fields of mathematics and computer science or to acquire initial study skills on your own. You can find the preliminary course offer of the Faculty of Engineering here. As preparatory literature we can recommend the following textbooks:

  • Field of Computer Science:
    Saake & Sattler: Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen: Eine Einführung mit Java.
    Christian Ullenboom: Java ist auch eine Insel.
  • Field of Information Systems:
    Amberg, Bodendorf & Möslein: Wertschöpfungsorientierte Wirtschaftsinformatik.
  • Field of Economics (Business Administration):
    Döhring & Buchholz: Buchhaltung und Jahresabschluss
    Hungenberg: Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung: Einführung für Bachelorstudierende.

Can I spend a semester abroad during my studies?

A semester or a whole year abroad is possible. Our Office of International Relations supports students in this process and maintains contacts with more than 100 partner universities in over 40 countries on four different continents.